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Thoughtful Thursday…

THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY 007What are you thinking about today? I hope you have good thoughts, busy plans and time to enjoy the gift of this day. If your thoughts are troubled, may you find a quietness and sense of peace.

What is on my mind today…the fact that the day is half over and I am so late getting this post up – which should have been done in the morning…

Joining in the growing group of online quilters who are each making a 9 1/2″ block for Terry…be sure to click on the button under “To Give Comfort”  on my sidebar.  I have the fabric laid out along with one of my favorite quilt block patterns…most of us will probably never actually meet, but are forever linked together through quilting.

The last sinkful of carrots from the gardens…washed and ready to be stored for the months ahead…whew!

Tackling the quickly ripening tomatoes that are covered with newspaper down in our basement…yikes!

Wondering why I prepared a little container of leftover stuffed squash for lunch today, promptly put it back in the frig and then turned the microwave on to warm it up…no sir, no loss of brain cells here:o)

Glad my semi-annual dentist check up is over (white knuckled patient that I am) but…

Discouraged with the report from my family doctor that the cholesterol  numbers flew up while on the new Zetia…292 – not good,  and we will meet soon to discuss alternatives. Have tried about every type of medication for this ongoing problem…”it is in the genes…” I am a walking bowl of salads & veggies. Well, there is that thing with chocolate I wrote about a while back…

And finally, quilting or stitching is never far from my mind…just saw the newest Crabapple Hill pattern – the Winter Gardening Angel (Faith)…oh my, she is beautiful and me with only Spring (Hope) completed…and not even set into the rest of the piece I have running around in my head.

Have a good day – no matter where you are or what time it is. Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.



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