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A Patchwork Week…

Happy day – My Friendship Bag arrived in Friday’s mail…Annette from North Carolina at A Day In The Life choseĀ  happy, contemporary colors for my bag, filled it with wonderful pieces of fabric and chocolate. How good is that?!!! I really enjoyed this Swap which was hosted by Quilting Gallery. Thanks so much, Annette!

A Patchwork Week 002

One thing about the Fall season – it sure has you jumping around doing multiple tasks! No longer with that one foot in summer that I wrote about a few weeks back…we are definitely into Autumn full speed now and even experiencing a taste of what is to come…

Our week started off with this morning wakeup call…

A Patchwork Week 001We still had the last of the deck furniture to store away…

A Patchwork Week 005

And those viburnum berries that have been changing color…had a snowy white cap

A Patchwork Week

Now, the ground is bare again and we can get back to fall yardwork – cleaning out pots and storing them away; dividing up my white phlox and Siberian Iris (which requires about 3 sticks of dynamite) and moving some of the garden “art” to the potting shed.

With the wind picking up and the Packer game in progress, it is nice to come back inside and putter around with one eye to the TV.

This is a little peak at a gift in progress for someone – almost done –

A Patchwork Week 021

Starting to gather everything that I will take to our Fall Quilting Retreat next weekend…

Trimmed the strips down to 2 1/2″ from the kit I bought at our Quilt Show back in September – that is one of the projects I hope to start while there. The lure of making one of those easy to piece quilts that feature warm, “smushy/dusty” fabrics finally got me in the form of an appealing display at one of the vendors booths.

A Patchwork Week 018

I plan to take 2 other projects along; an applique WIP (for 14 years now – I will share the story when the borders are finished) and a new pattern that makes up small Christmas mats for gifts. How about you – when you get away on Retreat, do you always take way more than can be accomplished? A lot depends on what kind of mood I am in – what colors give me comfort at the time…

A Patchwork Week 016

I would like to give these new applique and quilting needles a try too…one of my applique friends recently attended Baltimore on the Prairie in Lincoln, Nebraska and brought back some goodies to share – quilting friends are always thinking about nice things like that! I found the black quilting needles at our LQS – hearing good reports on how nicely they go through the layers when quilting…has anyone out there given them a try?

A Patchwork Week 019When not visiting the Bloggers Quilt Festival this week (can you believe it – over 600 quilts displayed online! Good thing we didn’t have to walk far!)…focused on

Cleaning out papers and trying to straighten my desk…right, that will last about 2 days…

Rearranging pantry cupboards and taking stock of baking needs for the coming holidays…thinking it is time to get that annual Plum Pudding going. Gained 5 pounds just handling all the wonderful ingredients you need for baking…

Organized the freezer(s) better…it helped to move some of the many jars of frozen produce down to my Mom’s freezer. Besides, now my folks have easy access to homemade applesauce!

Finally, I would recommend highly, if you have not seen it yet (I am always behind the rest of the world in most things) – find a copy of the PBS special Journey of Man. I got my DVD from Barnes & Noble. What an incredible story of our origins and absolutely proves that we are all indeed the same. Though quilters are connected to each other with a very unique “mutation” in our DNA:o)

A Patchwork Week 014

That is about it from my little neck of the woods. Please don’t forget to leave a comment – I really enjoy hearing from you and love to know where you are from.

Way to go Packers! Sloppy, penalties and too many sacks on #12, but a WIN!

Always take time to stitch…


More needlework pieces from a Gail Wilson pattern

More needlework pieces from a Gail Wilson pattern


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