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Thoughtful Thursday…

Hi everyone – what’s in your thoughts today? I hope this finds you having a good day and able to sneak a little quiet time for yourself. Or maybe gather with friends or a special family member over coffee.

My thoughts today? It seems like things keep skipping around in my head and I have trouble zeroing in on a specific task. When I am working on one thing…a dozen other thoughts keep distracting me…it always seems to be hurry, hurry, hurry and getting farther and farther behind. Or is it “further and further?” What exactly is the difference between those 2 words? Have to add that to my list of things to do…get out the Webster’s. But then I would be farther (or further) behind!

And “furthermore” – my head is still spinning:o)

Quilting – never far from my thoughts on any given day.

These are 2 tiny quilt tops that are ready to be sandwiched and quilted…started these at our Retreat last weekend. A real quick and easy project from Chickadee Hollow. Gotta get moving on Christmas gifts, hostess gifts, so glad you dropped by gifts, Oh!-You shouldn’t have gifts, just because gifts and I Owe You, Bigtime gifts!

Thoughtful Thursday 014

Did you know Margo at Reproduction Fabrics has started her own blog? Lots of great information on the history of fabrics – just this past week her post was about illuminated indigos with some really nice photos.  Check it out. Her blog is called Cottonopia.

Do you have a copy of the (C & T Publishing) Little Lone Stars? Such tiny blocks – all paper pieced using a new folded method. Add that to the list of things to do – on a future snowy day…

Thoughtful Thursday 012These are the new (at least to me) applique needles I mentioned about 2 posts ago – brought by a friend who attended Baltimore on the Prairie. I gave them a try at our Retreat and was impressed at how fine they are. Yet they seem “stronger.” When compared with the usual John James Sharps #11, the new Gold ′n Glide needle is just a tad longer. They were not too pleased at being threaded by way of the handy Clover Needle Threader, which takes the regular #11 so well. However, the small heart shaped Clover threader did very well. I am struggling with applique, but these needles gave me smaller stitches which makes me happy! This border is #3 out of 4 being done for an old project. It is my learning quilt. Oh and see that big bell on my thread clipper cap? I have lost count of how many caps that have ended up in the trash can by mistake. Now I can hear the jingle when emptying the trash. You should see what my tiny key to the potting shed is hooked on!

Thoughtful Thursday 011

In my ongoing Shameless Parental Promotion – you are invited to visit Our Favorite Photographer who just happens to be our #1 Son. He has a new feature on his blog and will be offering a Print of the Month at a special price. Looking for a special gift?   – this is just the very thing  in time for Christmas, though Dave will be offering a different print throughout the year. Be sure to browse his Portfolio for additional images.    www.sixtyonenorth.com

Plum Pudding week!  My husband’s favorite dessert during the holidays.  Have to get that going so that it can mellow out over the weeks ahead. There is an adorable stitchery project over at Among the Gum Trees which you can download for free. It has a very happy little mouse who has sampled a plum pudding !

So there you have it for this Thursday…share your thoughts with us and have a wonderful day!

Always take time to stitch…



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