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“Not Quite Yet…”

It has been noted recently, that some of you out there in blogland are experiencing a form of “writer’s block.” I think I have joined your company this week. Sure, I could just post more images of yet another applique block completed – but you may be thinking, why doesn’t she just get on with it and wrap that puppy up?? Call it what you will…I am dragging…moving through a mist…not operating on all cylinders…

The week has gotten me this far…

A new seed sprouter…the directions say – 6 days…this is at 3 days…I am impatient for that first crunchy harvest!

Our surrounding trees and woods have taken on that first green haze…I am impatient for a full leaf out!

My cutting table has no surface left to cut on…too many projects started…I am impatient to have something complete!

My potting shed bench has lovely seedlings growing towards the sun…but nights are still frosty…I am impatient to have settled gardening days!

And yet, I am so thankful for watching something grow that I planted and having the ability to do that. I am thankful that my sewing room holds such a variety of fabric and projects to work on and having the ability to do that.

Went to our local Target store this morning and found that they are now carrying some really cool things licensed by Giada de Laurentis…one of my favorite cooks to watch on the Food Network.  Pasta, sauces, coffees, a gorgeous red panini grill which I will covet…and a wonderful bamboo cutting board that followed me home. Looking forward to chopping on this little beauty!

So that’s my week – things halfway done (prefer to think positive – instead of halfway undone) – everything is at that “Not Quite Yet” stage.

What I think has really happened is this…I have a huge case of SPRING FEVER…How about you??

So…off to start a cheery fire (which may be a challenge as there is a stiff wind from the North) and as…………

Always, take time to stitch…


A brave little pansy that wintered over in our garden


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