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Thoughtful Thursday…

What are you thinking about today???

Spring Cleaning??? (I am thinking about it…have at least gotten that far…)

Giving our 3 little girl shelties a good bath…

Puttering in the potting shed…now that sounds more like it!

Starting to clear out the master bathroom for next week’s redo…

Talking to Mr. Outback (aka DH) about how high to make my re-rod peony cages

Thinking about my first visit yesterday to a new Asian market in our area…found all kinds of wonderful ingredients and the freshest bean sprouts ever. Do you like to explore a new market as much as I do? Colorful packaging,  exotic greens and fruits for sale – all so interesting and just calling out “Try me!” We made these rice paper wraps last night – turned out very tasty, though not quite the neat presentation of this cover photo…

And hoping my registration forms get to the Valdez Quilt Festival people in time to be included in the Marsha McCloskey workshop scheduled for September. Due May 1 – it’s going to be close!

Do you own this quilt book?

If you do – treasure it – the value is climbing…copies listed on Amazon.com are going for well over $100.00. One of my quilt buddies wisely observed that some of our old quilt books could fund our retirement (could we part with these gems though?)

That’s it for now – as always the mind is in a whirl with things to do and think about…I need to add more memory or figure out how to use a thumb drive.

Have a good weekend…

Pat ( I think puttering in the potting shed has won out for this morning :o)


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